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2008-11-05 11:17:40 by VPK

My music is a little different from most of the other stuff I've heard on Newgrounds.
It sounds oldschooly and very videogameish.
(No, those didn't used to be words. But they are now!)

They're almost chiptunes, but not quite. I start out using a GBA sound chip emulator, but then I modify them a bit.
I could do lots of other styles and things too, but someone is going to have to point me to some good software. It has to be freeware, though, because I'm cheap like that.

I make my music with games in mind, and often there's a particular mood or genre I'm trying to fit. Still, it's pretty flexible. You'll probably find a good use for it.
If you do use something, let me know; I'd like to see what you're doing with it.

Anyway. That's it, I suppose.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day.


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